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Sage and Year End Planning

Probably one of the trickiest times in your financial calendar is preparing for your year end. In view of this we have compiled the following list of fast facts and refresher tips, in order to help your year end process run as smoothly as possible.

  • Sage is date sensitive so that you can post certain transactions into future years without running a year end.
  • However, product profit reports are not date sensitive, so they must run before any product related transactions are posted to the following year (Line 50 only).
  • Remember also that budgets cannot be entered for future years before you have run your year end.
  • VAT and bank reconciliation routines do not need to be completed before running your year end.
  • Consider removing any unwanted redundant customer, supplier, bank and nominal records.
  • Before running the year end procedure always take at least one back up copy.
  • Remember that no transaction is removed from the system during the year end procedure.
  • To clear old transactions after the year end, run the Clear Audit Trail option.
  • The year end process posts journals to clear the balances on nominal codes, which are flagged as profit and loss codes.
  • To set your system date to your financial year end date, choose Settings and then Change Program Date.
  • After running year end, check the new financial year end start date by selecting Setting and then Financial Year.

If you require any further technical advice or assistance about running your year end, please contact Desirie Lea or Martin Lanceley on tel 0151 348 8400 or email us at

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