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Can You Answer These Questions About Your Business?

  • How much profit did I make last month?
  • How much profit did I expect to make?
  • Why didn't I achieve the targeted profit?
  • Where did it go?
  • Why do I have problems maintaining my cashflow/working capital?
  • Does my accounting system produce reliable information?

If Not Then We Can Help......

Many of our clients found that getting on top of their bookkeeping was hard work.

To successfully manage your business it is crucial to have the right information at your fingertips. You will need to know how much profit you are making, who owes you money and what your cashflow is. It is crucial to have up to date accurate financial information so that business decisions can be made.

At Morris & Co we recommend the use of the computerised accounting system SAGE. Using SAGE can produce cost savings by allowing fewer errors and hence lower year end costs. It also allows you to concentrate on running your business rather than accounting for it!

Morris & Co has a dedicated team of SAGE specialists who can give advice, guidance and training to you and your bookkeeping staff.

We will only be too pleased to discuss and give a FREE half hour demonstration of SAGE software either at our offices or at your premises.

For further information or a FREE half hour demonstration please contact Desirie Lea on tel 0151 348 8400, fax 0151 348 8401or email us at

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