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Inheritance Tax Advice for Opticians

Inheritance Tax is probably the last tax to be borne but it is largely avoidable by careful Inheritance Tax planning. We will be pleased to discuss with you an individually tailored plan which will take account of all the changes in family circumstances (including births and deaths) as well as your current potential exposure to tax and our assessment of possible budget changes.

You will need to make certain that your family and business are well provided for. Planning can include making the best use of Inheritance Tax exemptions including the £3,000 annual exemption, normal expenditure gifts out of after taxed income, marriage gifts and planning to equalise estates on death.

Obviously making a Will is one of the most important things you can do in your lifetime and we can provide advice which may include "a nil rate trust" in your Will to allow your Executors the freedom to direct part of your estate to people other than your spouse, but at the same time include your spouse in a list of potential beneficiaries to ensure that he/she can benefit from the trust if the need arises.

Morris & Co have a dedicated team specialising in VAT and ophthalmic accounts and are able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of financial accounting, taxation including partial exemption & business matters.

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