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Filing Opticians Accounts At Companies House

Companies have to file accounts to Companies House within 21 months of the date of their incorporation or within 9 months of the company's year end.

Advice may be needed in connection with the start up position and the company's year end date to ensure that filing penalties are avoided.

An Annual Return is also required to be completed each year which details the directors and shareholders together with the company secretary.

Directors have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the company and should conduct their financial affairs in accordance with the behaviour of a reasonable person bearing in mind the knowledge that they possess. Clearly an accountant or a solicitor would be deemed to have far greater knowledge than a non professional in these matters.

Board minutes should be maintained in relation to the company's affairs which evidence that good conduct and discipline has been adhered to and acts as a true record of business affairs should evidence be required. Minutes are occasionally requested by the HM Revenue and Customs to prove transactions in earlier accounting periods.

Morris & Co can assist with a full secretarial service including a registered office service. If you need any help email specs@moco.co.uk

Morris & Co have a dedicated team specialising in VAT and ophthalmic accounts and are able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of financial accounting, taxation including partial exemption & business matters.

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