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Franchising Your Business

As BFA affiliated franchise accountants Morris & Co can help you determine whether or not your business is suitable for franchising and provide help and advice.

We can also put you in touch with other specialist franchise advisors who can help you develop the legal and operational frameworks that you will need.

A franchised business needs strong financial control to ensure a measured and sustainable growth. The peculiar taxation treatment of franchises and "goodwill" relating to them needs to be always borne in mind.

As BFA Affiliated accountants Morris & Co can help you through these potential problems.

Franchising your business enables you to expand using other peoples capital and achieve faster growth. You will also be harnessing the enthusiasm and motivation of the owners/managers driving the business.

Does Your Business Have: -

A successful track record?
Well defined systems?
Easily learned skills?
Sufficient profit for franchisor and franchisee?
One distinctive Name/Brand?
Mutual support culture?
Easy duplication in a number of locations?

If your business is 'AWESOME' then it may well be that a franchise operation is for you.

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