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Buying and Selling a Day Nursery Business

Buying an Existing Day Nursery Business

If you are planning to acquire or invest in an existing day nursery, a thorough analysis of the business' financial records will provide you with vital insights into its current operations, health, and future prospects.

Understanding the financial condition of the business will help you assess its current and potential future value.

Morris & Co can provide a full-service for clients wishing to buy an existing business, including assistance in negotiating the purchase price and payment terms.

Selling a Day Nursery Business

When selling a business, your aim is to maximise the proceeds and minimise any tax liabilities. Timing and the form of the sale are often critical.

Morris & Co has all the expertise at hand for clients with day nurseries to sell, including assistance with negotiations and retirement planning.

Morris & Co can also recommend local solicitors who specialise in providing legal advice to individuals who are thinking of buying or selling a day nursery.

For a no obligation chat about your circumstances, whether buying or selling, Contact Desirie Lea on 0151 348 8400.

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