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We provide a full range of accountancy and bookkeeping services to owners of day nurseries, play groups and child minding businesses.

Maintaining financial records is both onerous and time-consuming, and outsourcing this allows you to spend more time with the children.

Annual Accounts

Every child care business, small or large, must produce annual accounts for H M Revenue and Customs for tax purposes. All limited companies must also file accounts at Companies House which comply in form and substance with Companies Act provisions.


We take pride in the high standard of the accounts that we prepare, irrespective of the size of the business involved.

We also appreciate that not everyone fully understands the information contained in their accounts and so we will take the time to explain things to you by looking behind the figures, rather than simply at them.

Management Accounts

In order to make timely and meaningful management decisions every day nursery needs accurate financial information.

In addition, being able to compare your accounts with original budgets enables you to manage and focus your business better. Good accounts help you to identify trends in your business and highlight variations in your income or spending which may require special attention.

Bookkeeping advice

If you are going to run a successful day nursery or child minding business a good financial record keeping system is essential. This helps you to control and manage your money, and is essential for the preparation of annual accounts for taxation purposes. We can provide advice on simple but effective record keeping based on manual records or on using computerised accounts packages such as SAGE or Quicken.

Desirie Lea has contributed articles to Practical Professional Child Care Magazine.

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