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You and Your Family

We know that our clients don't live for their work alone. We understand that they have families and homes, and just like our partners, they try to build on past achievements and make plans for a secure future.

When our partners are giving advice on a business matter they look first at the complete picture and consider all the implications. They help you fit the financial pieces together, making sure your commercial priorities and personal wishes work in harmony.

We advise on the implications of the acquisition and disposal of property, and with the help of our financial services company we assist you to select the right pension plan for yourself and your partner. We tell you how best to structure a family business so that it is handed on to the successors you wish in the manner in which you would like to see it done.

We shall explain the importance of drawing up an effective will, which puts you and your family's interests first, and we will advise on any tax problems which might be associated with the legacies and bequests. We can help you to set up trust funds, and show you the best ways of benefitting your favourite charity.

Should you ever be involved in a divorce we would help to safeguard your financial interests and to provide for your children, in the most tax efficient way.

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