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Tax services

Not only is the tax man always with us, but tax law is continually changing and never gets easier. It is therefore very rare that an individual or business cannot benefit from, or has no need for, readily accessible expert advice on taxation.

We do more than merely advise on a piecemeal basis - we look ahead to your future. We take into consideration how you plan to expand or diversify your business, where you hope to invest, and what provision you intend making for your retirement and your family.

Our teams of taxation specialists work together with our partners and the financial services experts to ensure that our clients know exactly how changes in the tax law affect them and how they can maintain the best possible advantages.

The implications of commercial taxation with take-overs and buy outs can affect the company's tax position and we examine the effects of the acquisition and disposal of assets. We give guidance on when to lease and when to buy, and advice on when to make key changes to a business structure.

When we are advising on pension plans, personal investments and planning for the future we always do so with the most advantageous tax perspective in mind whilst also considering the particular needs of the client, as tax is not always the most important factor.

Even though we identify problems before information is submitted to the Revenue, difficulties can arise. For extra peace of mind we offer, as agents for Professional Fee Protection Limited, insurance against the extra costs of coping with Inland Revenue Investigations.


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