Our audit services

Although we don’t carry out audit services ourselves, as partners in the Great Things Together Group, our colleagues at DJH Mitten Clarke carry out audits for clients on our behalf. We see audits not just as a statutory requirement but as a chance to work with you to help move your business forward.

The audit team work closely with you, to help delve into the inner-workings of your company and use this knowledge to help you understand your current performance, highlighting any opportunities and having open and honest discussions about any current or future risks.

Our audit process

Without proper planning, audits can be disruptive so it’s our mission to help keep the day-to-day running of your business stay as smooth as possible.

We’ll send you an information request at the earliest opportunity, helping you to prepare ahead of the on-site audit work. We will agree a timetable and confirm the milestones with you that best suit your availability.

Communicating with you at every step, we will provide a detailed report at the end of the audit, highlighting our findings, issues and any opportunities that we have identified. We will also take a look at the processes you currently have in place and advice on how to make these more robust where possible.

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