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It’s easy enough for us to tell you how great we are, but what’s really important is what our customers think. So don’t just take our word for it, here are a few testimonials that we think sum us up!

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Continued Relationship

We first approached Morris & Co as a result of meeting their representatives at a DHGS Conference. We had not experienced any significant problems with the firm that we were using, but did recognise that an accountancy firm that specialised in dealing with Franchisees and therefore, understood their specific needs should be of greater benefit to us. Although there is significant distance between our office in Worcester and the Wirral, this has not presented any problems. We look forward to a continued relationship with Morris & Co.

P Turner, Worcester & Hereford


I am delighted with the service I have received from Morris & Co. As BFA Affiliate’s I have confidence in their level of knowledge and expertise. As a result I am free to concentrate on building my business with their help and advice

D Enderby

Professional and thorough

At first I was somewhat reluctant….I have been able to establish a mutual trust and experienced a professional and thorough service

Kevin Morrissey, Sheffield

Very professional

Morris & Co have been supporting my business with payroll, pensions & accountancy for 7 years and everyone we've ever dealt with has been very professional and incredibly helpful. I wasted a year using a local accountant and I heartily regret it. Moco are extremely quick to respond to all queries, and they don't even mind the really stupid ones I ask them from time to time! I don't expect my accountant to reply to my emails at 9pm, but Moco often do.

M Martin