Dentists from Overseas

We understand the needs of Dentists from Overseas

We support a large number of dentists from overseas, both from EU countries and from further afield, so we understand the challenges you’ll be facing as a dentist new to the UK.

We understand that as well as (usually) being unfamiliar with life in the UK you’re also likely to be unfamiliar with UK taxes, so we make sure to go the extra mile to make moving to the UK as smooth as possible for overseas dentists.

How we help Dentists from Overseas

First, we’ll check, if necessary, whether there are any problems to your operating as a self employed dentist, or whether your particular circumstances mean that your employer needs to employ you directly. Once we’ve carried out these checks, we’ll inform H M Revenue & Customs that you have begun self employment.

We’ll explain to you exactly what you need to do from a record keeping point of view to satisfy the requirements of H M Revenue and Customs in terms of your business records.

Our team will help you understand exactly what you will get tax relief on and what you can do to minimise your tax liability. To help, we’ll give you a copy of some detailed notes that we have written specifically for dentists from overseas which explains how the UK tax system operates so far as self employed dental associates from overseas are concerned.

If necessary, we’ll consider any other income you may have from overseas and deal with any tax liability that you may have on this, as well as taking into account any reliefs that may be available under Double Taxation Agreements with your country of origin.

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