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Raising finance for your Practice

Whether you want to set up a new Practice, expand an existing one, invest in equipment or refurbish your facilities – there’s one thing you can’t do any of it without, and that’s cash! So, if you need help raising funds to grow and develop your Practice, our funding team will work with you to find the best option for your needs.

The team’s expert knowledge of the dental industry, combined with years of experience sourcing funding for our clients means we’ll be able to tailor a solution perfect for your Practice.

Finding the right funding source

Raising money for your dental Practice could be a combination of finance from a number of sources. These might include; banks and other lenders, savings or pension fund, family and friends, issuing shares, hire purchase and leasing, government backed schemes or private equity and venture capital.

Whatever the source, our funding team will work with you to source the best option for your Practice’s needs.

We can help you secure funding for...

Buying a new Practice

Investing in equipment

Refurbishing facilities

And much more

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