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Should I incorporate my practice?

Whether or not it is right for a dental practice to incorporate changes from one year to the next and from one practice to another. It also depends on the personal circumstances of the practice owner.

Whilst dentists have been allowed to incorporate since 2006, many have gone down that route and regretted it. On the other hand, many have sought specialist advice about the incorporation, have dealt with all the admin and paperwork as necessary, and have saved large amounts of tax.

The most important thing to realise is that what is right for one practice may not necessarily be right for another, and that’s where you can count on us for honest and expert advice, tailored to your individual circumstances.

The pros and cons of incorporation

Whilst for some dentists, the potential tax savings of properly incorporating their practice outweigh the downsides and many (non-specialist) accountants have advised their dental clients to incorporate without pointing these out. Some of the things to consider when incorporating your dental practice are NHS pension scheme contributions, additional administrative costs, potential difficulty in selling the practice, and the additional accountancy fees that become payable.

We only advocate incorporation when there are clear benefits to our client. Our advice will take all of these areas into consideration, helping you weigh up the pros and cons before making the important decision to incorporate. If you would like unbiased and up to date advice about incorporation then please get in touch.

We can help with "incomplete incorporations"

Over the years, we’ve also seen incorporation problems compounded by what are known as “incomplete incorporations”. This happens when a limited company is set up, the dentist claims they are incorporated, or thinks they have incorporated the practice, but actually the paper trail has not been put in place by his accountant/solicitor.

When a practice has been the subject of an “incomplete incorporation”, it can be difficult or indeed sometimes impossible to sell.

Our wealth of experience working with dentists means we’ve also acquired an in-depth knowledge of how to deal with and unravel “incomplete incorporations”. If you’re not sure whether or not your practice has been properly incorporated then do get in touch.

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