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We're here to help from the beginning

As a newly qualified dentist, the complexities of income, tax and pensions in the dental industry can be quite daunting. Whether you’re in your DFT year or a newly qualified Associate, we’re here to hold your hand throughout what might otherwise be a confusing first few years transitioning from Foundation Dentist to self employment.

Our expert team of Specialist Dental Accountants will guide and advise you as a Foundation Dentist and then support you as a newly qualified Associate on everything to do with paying tax, bookkeeping, year-end accounts, NHS pension and any other financial matters, to help make becoming a newly self-employed dentist a smooth and hassle-free process.

Foundation Dentist

How we can help if you're a Foundation Dentist

If you’re currently a Foundation Dentist on the Dental Foundation Training (DFT) scheme, there are a number of ways we can help you manage your finances and prepare to move to self-employment as a newly qualified Associate once you’ve completed the DFT scheme.

We lecture to DFT groups around the UK, advising on finance, tax and self-employment to help ensure you’re ready and understand how to manage your finances once self-employed. If you’d like to know when and where we’ll be lecturing, just get in touch and our team of expert dental accountants will be happy to help.

Across the DFT groups we lecture to, we see errors in 20-30% of the payslips we review, so as part of our tailored service to you as a Foundation Dentist we’ll check your payslips to ensure you’re receiving the correct pay and paying the correct amount of tax. If you’ve not made a claim with HMRC for tax relief on your employment expenses, we can also submit a P87 form on your behalf, meaning you’ll get a tax refund from HMRC.

When the time comes to move into a newly qualified Associate role, we can check your self-employed Associate contract to check your financial terms are in line with the industry standards.

Newly Qualified Associates

How we can help if you're a Newly Qualified Associate

We know that there are some complex challenges in terms of tax, pensions and accounting in the dental industry as you transition from Foundation Dentist to newly qualified Associate, which is why support from our expert dental accountants will help you overcome these.

From informing HMRC that you’re self-employed and calculating the amount of tax you’re likely to pay, to managing and advising on your NHS pension and student loan repayments as well as preparing your accounts and tax return, we’ll be there every step of the way to guide you and look after your finances.

We’ll get you set up with our bookkeeping app so you can submit your income and expenses to us throughout the year, as well as informing you about what you need to keep to enable us to prepare your tax return. We’ll also help you plan for tax payments by telling you what expenditure you can claim tax relief on and predicting the amount of tax you’re likely to pay every 6 months over the first few years of self-employment.

To ensure we help maximise your financial potential, our NHS pension experts will check the NHS pension deductions made by your principal and check the terms in your Associate agreement contract.

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