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A typical dentist should be earning something in the region of £160 per hour for time spent treating patients. Our fees for dealing with the payroll for a typical dental practice are only in the region of £35 - £40 per month. This means that if you are spending more than 15 minutes or so each month dealing with your practice’s payroll then you are not using your own time efficiently!

Quite apart from this, if you, or someone in the practice are still doing your own payroll, are you sure that you are totally up to date with all of the recent changes to legislation/requirements/opportunities relating to payroll matters? These include:-

  • Paying FDIs (who have a different National Insurance code to normal employees)
  • The interaction of Statutory Maternity Pay and Sick Pay
  • “Attachment Of Earnings” orders from the CSA and other bodies
  • The new NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) pension arrangements commencing in 2012
  • Salary sacrifice schemes
    • I.e. Childcare vouchers
    • Cycle to work schemes
  • The interaction of maternity pay and holiday pay
  • Student Loan repayments
  • The new RTI (Real Time Information) arrangements (commencing in April 2013) (our Payroll Bureau has been a pilot for RTI and we are already running RTI Payrolls and are fully compliant)
  • The tiered contributions to the NHS Pension scheme

Morris & Co have a payroll bureau which deals very effectively with the payroll requirements of more than 100 dental practices, including:-

  • Preparing sealed payslips for distribution to staff
  • Calculating deductions
  • Telling employers how much to pay over to HM Revenue & Customs each month
  • Arranging for payment directly from the practice bank account to employees bank account by BACS each month
  • Arranging for the payment of HMRC by BACS each month
  • Maintenance of holiday records
  • Provision of “E-payslips” if required. (This is a cloud based alternative to payslips. Each member of staff is given a login ID so that they can view and print their payslip via the internet if they wish.)
  • (So that you don’t hand over any payslips at all. Instead each member of staff has a log-in ID so that they can view, and print if necessary, their payslip via the internet)

Free Trial

To persuade existing clients of the benefits of using the Morris & Co payroll service we are currently prepared to offer a free trial. We will run your payroll for three months absolutely free. After that time you will be free if you wish to return to doing the work yourself. Even if you subsequently ask us to continue dealing with your payroll we will still not charge you for the three months.

If you would like any further information about our payroll services then please telephone Nick Ledingham on 0151 348 8400 or email us at