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Actually, you may be disappointed to learn that the only free gift that we offer to our new clients is just excellent service!!

Many accountants offer free gifts or discounts to dental associates, and we have thought about doing this but quite frankly the only way that a free gift, a discount, or a cut price could be justified would be for us to rush through the job.

We could do the job quicker if we wanted to but if we were going to do that then we would have to cut some corners.  We don’t cut corners.  The only way to do accounts for dental associates at a cut price is to cut corners.  Cutting corners generally means that the client will pay more tax.

Sorry – no free iPads or cinema tickets (and no free lunches!).  We prefer to give a great service and do the job properly.

The only free gift is fantastic service, at a very reasonable price (which we claim tax relief on for you anyway!)