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What is Dentacoin?

Dentacoin is a cryptocurrency targeted specifically at the dental industry. It's aim, as listed on its website is to 'improve dental care worldwide and make it affordable through crowd power'.

The mission of the Dentacoin Foundation is that it claims is to improve dental health through bringing blockchain efficiencies into the industry and to provide equal access to high quality dental care to all individuals, despite their income.

But this new cryptocurrency's value is on the up, having risen by almost 100% in the last week.

Last week, ran a story about how Dentacoin is now being used as the most technologically advanced way to pay for dental treatment, and a clinic in London became the first practice in the UK to accept the currency. There are 3 other practices accepting dentacoin around the globe, one in Taiwan, one in India and one in Bulgaria. 

In just one week alone the value of Dentacoin has risen 92%.

Dentacoin can be set up on a mobile or tablet by using one of four aps, and payments are bank-charge free and receipts and withdrawals can be made in seconds, all still free of charge. Payment can be made using a mobile phone or tablet or computer easily and any without time restraints.