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Team Away Day 2019

This year’s team away day took place in the scenic Craxton Wood hotel, and involved a series of physical and mental team building tasks.

Firstly, all staff were split into eight colour coded groups and stepped out into the sunshine to begin the afternoon’s challenges. The helpful team from Events Made Simple provided everyone with the rules and regulations, explaining the day would follow a league format and would result in eventual winners, with victories awarding teams 3 points, 1 point for a draw 0 points for losers.

Despite the focus of the day being on working as a team, the persuasion of prizes for the winners helped give the afternoon a completive twist and made for an enjoyable event.

With the games ranging in style from memory tasks and one vs one coordination challenges to giant jigsaw puzzles and number rearranging (most of our staff’s favourite game!), there was something for everybody to enjoy.  

After each team completed all of the eight challenges, we had overall winners but needed a tie break to separate the three teams tied for second.  

The decider was a ball scramble, with each team retrieving plastic balls from the floor and placing them back in their jar from where they were poured, in the quickest time. Well done to the black team who finished second and the red team who were the overall winners and get to enjoy a team meal out and bottle of fizz each as reward. 

Thank you to Craxton Wood for a great venue and enjoyable lunch, to Events Made Easy for their help and to Mandy, Nick and Meg who helped organise everything, and to all staff for giving every challenge their all.