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Team Away Day

Each year we spend an afternoon working on our team building skills with lots of fun but challenging activities. This year's event took place at Inglewood Manor, and included archery, RC car racing and the Moco 'bake off', all followed by a charity auction which raised £76 for the Wirral Hospice. 

All staff and managers were split into 6 teams, and each team had to complete each of the 6 activities spread around the picturesque Inglewood Manor. 

After applying lots of sunscreen and chilling our supply of water, we headed into the sunshine and began the afternoon's activities.

Below are the six activities we completed during the day, we hope they provide you with some inspiration if you're planning a team building day.

1) Remote Control Car Driving

The aim was to get 4 remote control cars around a track as many times as possible, but watch out for penalties if you knock any obstacles over! For added humour/difficulty one of the cars was programmed to a different remote. 

team building ideas

2) Horseshoe toss

Each team was split into two and had to throw as many horseshoes as they could onto the target, a metal pole...harder than it looks! The team with the most successful throws won. 

team building ideas

3) Archery

After attaching safety sleeves and listening to the briefing, each team member had two shots to score as highly as possible. Well done to Jane and Colin who both hit perfect bullseyes! The team with the highest accumulative score won.

 team building ideas team building ideas

4) Puzzle solving

A selection of puzzles had to be completed within the time frame. This included two giant jigsaws, maths questions and balance games. A bit like 'the cube' but in the sunshine! The team who successfully completed the puzzles in the quickest time won. 

team building ideas

5) Blindfolded egg and spoon maze

Pairs from within each team would guide one another through the maze using only their voice, being careful not to step outside the line or drop the egg. The team who completed the most runs won.

team building ideas

6) Hockey/Football Hybrid

As world cup fever grips the nation, it would have been rude not to entertain the sport in some capacity! This game involved kicking a football into a goal before using a hockey stick to hit a smaller ball into another goal. Extra points if you score both! It helps to keep somebody behind each goal to fetch those less accurate shots. The team with the most goals/points won. 

team building ideas

Extra ideas

Bake off

Prior to our team away day we accepted entries into the highly prestigious 'Moco Bake Off'. Budding bakers were required to bring their cake with them on the day, before Inglewood Manor's Chef kindly took on the role of Paul Hollywood and judged each of the 12 entries for even bakes and soggy bottoms before deciding on a Star Baker and two runners up.

Congratulations to Allan our Payroll Manager whose show stopping Lemon Drizzle cake took first place and the £50 prize was kindly donated to the League of Friends at Deeside Hospital. Well done to Theresa and Ray who finished runners up and thanks to all who entered, even the cheesecake which looked and tasted very similar to one from M&S... 

Then came the best bit, eating them all! It was also our staff member Mari's birthday, so what better way to celebrate with than 12 tasty cakes!

team building ideas team building ideas

Three Legged Race 

To settle a tie between two teams at the end of the day, each group nominated two pairs to compete in the 'winner takes it all' three legged race. After lots of debate, deliberation and snapped bands, it was unclear who won.

Eventually VAR named Secretarial as winners, and their prize is a team lunch out. Well done and enjoy! 

team building ideas

Charity Auction

As we'd bought lots of bits and bobs for the various tasks, we decided to auction off all items for charity at the end of the day.

Lots included the remote control cars, a bag of 12 footballs and a pair of hockey sticks. £10 for an Audi R8 proved quite the bargain!

Nick our Senior Partner played auctioneer whilst everybody else did their best not to itch, sneeze or cough in case any movement was mistaken for a bid, as Associate Martin found out a number of times!

Thank you and well done to all bidders.

team building ideas


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