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Should dentists be responsible for providing healthy-eating tips and advice on alcohol intake during check ups?

A report published in the Telegraph by the Nuffield Trush and the Health Foundation, suggested that dentists should give patients advice about eating more healthily and cutting down on alcohol, while carrying out dental check-ups.
The report outlined how enrolling dentists in efforts to improve the health of the nation could result in reductions in obesity and diabetes.
Report author and Nuffield Trust director of research, Professor John Appleby, told the Telegraph, "As a nation our dental health is improving, but it is shocking that your income or where you live can still determine your dental health, how likely you are to be hospitalised with dental problems and how easily you can access the dental treatment you need.
The reference outlines findings in the study which showed that people from the most deprived backgrounds were twice as likely to be admitted to hospital for dental work than those that were better off.Professor Appleby continued, "We know that poor oral health is linked to other health problems, like obesity, alcohol consumption and smoking. So it makes sense to involve dentists more in plans across the NHS to address these problems.
"But unless more efforts are made to tackle the inequalities we identify and embed prevention of ill health across dentistry, the progress made over the past few decades in improving the nation's oral health could stall."