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Do your digital skills match your dental skills?

MPs have warned that the UK may potentially be left behind if the Government fails to take action to combat a ‘digital skills crisis’.

A new report by the Science and Technology Committee revealed that 12.6 million UK adults lack basic digital skills, whilst 5.8 million individuals have never used the internet.

The data also revealed that a mere 35% of computer science teachers have a relevant qualification, 22% of IT equipment within schools is ineffective, and that the gap in digital skills costs the UK economy an estimated £63 billion a year in lost income.

Additionally, the report found that, by 2017, the UK will require an additional 745,000 workers with digital skills and training to meet the rising demand from employers.

The report urges businesses to invest in digital training to increase productivity.

But just how important are digital skills within the dental industry?

There are many ways that online campaigns could bring in new patients to your practice while ensuring your current patients stay up to date and in the loop.

Combining an active social media presence with a regularly updated website containing great SEO and even PPC can make your online existence more widespread.

It can also add familiarity, meaning people may be less anxious to visit the dentist if they know a little more about them.

Email marketing lets current clients know of any new treatments or exciting news to come from your practice, plus it can be used to target potential patients who may be searching for what you have to offer.

Focus will always be on patient satisfaction, but adding a digital skillset to your dental practice could be invaluable in attaining and retaining business. If you’d like more advice on this subject, send an email to