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DFT Salaries – NHSBSA Errors

We identified back in January, when the December (1819/09) schedule was issued, that there was an error in the implementation of the pay and Training Grant increase for DFTs in England set out in the SFE published in November 2018.

The SFE specifically states that the increase in DFT salaries and the Training Grant was only to be back dated to 1 October 2018.

It was evident from the December schedules for practices in England that:-

  • The increases had been incorrectly back dated to 1 April 2018, and
  • The 2017/18 NIC threshold had been incorrectly used in the Ers NIC reimbursement rather than the 2018/19 thresholds.

As a result overpayments were made in respect of:-

  • Back dated pay increase for the 2017/18 cohort DFTs who left in August 2018.
  • One month’s additional backdated pay for the 2018/19 DFT cohort.
  • Training grant increase back dated to 1 April rather than 1 October 2018.
  • Related NHS Pension contributions and Ers NIC in respect of the above.

At the time we contacted the BDA and other bodies to discuss this error, but NHSBSA were not keen to communicate, apparently because of legal issues.  We did eventually get some email communication with the NHSBSA in March (they wouldn’t talk directly) to inform us that they were aware of the errors and the necessary adjustments would be included on the March schedule made available on 1 April 2019 – April Fool’s Day!

We have now checked the adjustments made on the March schedule (1819/12) and, with the exception of the reimbursement of Employers’ NIC, they are correct.  Practices have been over reimbursed for NIC by up to £23.34!

What does this all mean for you?

If your practice payroll is done by Morris & Co, then the DFT salary will have been correctly processed.

2017/18 Cohort DFTs and their training practices

These DFTs will have left employment at the practice in August 2018.  

On the December schedule £265 was incorrectly indicated as a back dated salary increase for the period from April to August 2018. 

For those practices who did pay this, or those DFTs who received this payment, then strictly, the money should be paid back to the practice by the  .

For those practices who contacted us, we advised that the backdated pay should, at that stage, not be paid to the DFT.

2018/19 Cohort DFTs and their training practices

On the December schedule (1819/09), the pay increase was incorrectly backdated to September 2018, rather than to October.  Effectively they were overpaid at this point by £53. This was recovered on the March 2019 schedule (1819/12).

If the practice followed the gross pay for their DFT per the schedules, then there should be no problem.

If the gross pay per the schedules wasn’t followed, then an easy way to try to sort the situation is to look at the DFT’s cumulative gross before deduction of NHS Pension to March 2019. This should be as follows:-


Clearly, if the necessary adjustments haven’t been made, the adjustments should be made now.

For more information on DFT Salaries please contact our team on or call 0151 348 8400.