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Accounting Issues for Dentists

Although anybody can call themselves an "Accountant", The Dentists Act prevents people without the necessary qualifications and GDC registration from calling themselves a Dentist.

However the same is not true in the accountancy world and there are indeed many people who call themselves “Accountants”, often working from home, who attempt to provide accountancy services to dentists. 

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What a lot of dentists don’t realise however is that there is no comeback if they use an unqualified accountant. There is no guarantee that “any old accountant” will be up to date with changes in legislation, will undertake annual CPD, will have the necessary Professional Indemnity Insurance in place, or indeed will have the resources behind them so that you can sue them if things go wrong.

A Dentist would only get a true idea of what they might be missing however once they asked the Chartered Accountant probing questions such as:

  • What is the market like currently for my type of practice?
  • What is the current market rate per UDA for associates in my area?
  • Have I completed my pension ARR form correctly?
  • Is my lab bill percentage reasonable?
  • My current bank manager doesn’t seem to know the difference between a dental practice and a doctor’s practice. Do you know any bank people with a proper understanding of the mechanics of a dental practice?
  • What National Insurance table should I be using to pay my VDP/Foundation Dentist?
  • What would be the effect on my NHS pension if I incorporated?
  • Am I allowed to treat my Dental Therapist who has just arrived from Poland as self-employed or not?
  • I have just received a Pension Savings Statement from NHS Pensions. What do I need to do?

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