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Why is Credit Control Important for a Business?

Credit Control  involves businesses only giving credit to customers who are able to pay, plus the enforcement that they do pay on time.s Credit control is critical in managing the cash flow of your business, ensuring it runs smoothly and profitably.

Many customer or clients may not pay until they're reminded, but chasing outstanding debts is a time consuming process, and eats away at the hours you could spend more productively, i.e. running your business. 

Many people may also find chasing debts a tricky and uncomfortable task, but with bad debt and cashflow issues commonly considered as two of the main reasons why small businesses fail, it's imperative that you monitor yours.

We can help with our dedicated in house Credit Control Team. Megan Graham is Morris & Co’s credit manager and works in conjunction with clients to provide advice and guidance on debt related issues. Megan is also member of the Institute of Credit Management and The Association of Credit Professionals.

She has been involved in credit management for over 25 years and offers training and advice to clients as well as undertaking legal claims on their behalf. If you require any further advice concerning an outstanding debt, Megan would be happy to help you.

The initial telephone consultation is free of charge however should you require Morris & Co to become involved in taking further action to recover monies on your behalf, Megan will provide you with a fixed fee quote up front.

To get in touch with Megan call 0151 348 8400 or email