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Five New Year's resolutions to grow your business

2020 sees the start of not only a new year, but a new decade. If you are looking to prepare resolutions, why not consider these 5 tips to help your business flourish in the next twelve months.

1. Increase productivity

This is a great resolution for those who often waste time procrastinating or find themselves succumbing to other distractions that can throw your concentration off the exercise in hand. Delegating tasks, reducing distractions and setting realistic goals are all factors which can help you be more productive in the workplace.  


If it's been a while since your site has been updated or it still isn't mobile friendly, or if you need to reinvest some time into building a marketing list that continues to meet GDPR requirements then embracing digital could be a goal for the new year.

To tie in, promoting your brand on social media is a fantastic cost effective way to get your name out there. Alongside this, consider starting a blog or defining a content strategy, this will will give a solid foundation for you to get a tighter grip on your business’ online presence over the coming months. Short, concise and helpful videos are also a great way of engaging with your audience.


This is a great resolution for small business owners who have peaks & troughs in their cash flow, have been unable to create enough capital to invest back into the business, or those who could do with a little assistance in understanding the day-to-day finances of the business. Great ways to stay on top of your cashflow include keeping up to date with invoicing, offer (calculated) deals to customers and cutting costs where possible, do you really need all your magazine subscriptions or still have insurance that is no longer required.

Get in touch if you would like some advice.


Frequent issues with misunderstandings among your employees, lack of employee morale and consistently wasting time repeating the same information over and over is a sign that you are communicating ineffectively. This resolution will help you focus on becoming a better communicator in your business. Improve your communications skills by learning to better listen, ask clarifying questions and ensure you know your specialist subject and can offer valuable information and advice to colleagues and clients. 

5. Outsource

If you have more work than you can handle and less and less time to focus on growing your business, then it could be time to stop trying to do it all yourself and start bringing in others to help facilitate your progression. A start could be outsourcing your payroll, our team can help.