IT equipment finds new home at South Wirral High School

Following a complete replacement of all IT equipment at our office, we have donated our old PCs, laptops and equipment to South Wirral High School in Eastham. Always looking for ways to give back, we knew we couldn’t let the computers go to waste!

After a project to install new tech throughout our team, we reached out to the school and within 24 hours, Jamie Leeke, Network Manager for the school, was away with a minibus full of 50 desktop computers and 33 laptops.

These have already been put to good use, as students who didn’t previously have a laptop to aid their studies at home, can now use them to help further their education outside of school hours.

Jamie said “Thanks to the generous donation of computer equipment by Morris & Co, we’ve been able to reinvest almost £15,000 into enriching the curriculum. The donation meant that we could to cancel a planned purchase of IT equipment and use the money in other ways, enabling students to benefit from new computers and additional resources.”

Mandy Halligan, our Secretarial Manager said “As community is one of our core values, it’s great to see our resources being utilised by local students. Who knows, maybe one of these future stars could be joining us at Moco one day!”

She continued, “We are always looking for how we can reduce our impact on the environment and by donating the computers we estimate this has saved approximately 240kg of e-waste going to landfills.”

1st May
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