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New ophthalmic businesses will benefit from NIC holiday

The Government’s three year national insurance contribution (NIC) holiday is welcome news for many new ophthalmic business start-ups. The scheme is open to businesses that commence between June 22, 2010 and 5 September 2013. It applies to businesses trading in the North West and East Midlands as well as other regions outside London, the South East and East Anglia.

For the first 10 employees taken on in the ophthalmic business’s first year, no employer’s NIC will be payable during their first year of employment (up to a maximum of £5,000 in relief per employee). It should be emphasised that the scheme relates to employers’ class 1 NIC and not employees’ NIC or NIC on benefits in kind.

For example if a new ophthalmic business starts in November 2010 and recruits five employees and a further five more in December the NIC holiday will apply to all the employees. However if one employee leaves and is replaced by employee number eleven, the NIC will not apply to the replacement, as the limit of ten employees will have already been exceeded.

The idea of a boost of up to £50,000 in the start up period of an ophthalmic business is attractive but its quite hard to get the maximum. The ophthalmic business has to be genuinely ‘new’ – you can’t close down and reopen in order to save NIC. Additionally if you purchase an established practice from another optician or if you incorporate an existing ophthalmic business then you will not be entitled to this relief either.

In order to obtain the benefit of the NIC holiday, a claim must be made to H M Revenue and Customs.

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