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Specialist Dental Accountants

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A Practice Of Your Own

After a few years as an associate, many dentists feel ready to acquire a practice of their own, either by purchasing a practice outright, establishing a squat practice, or buying into the practice where they are working, as a partner or as an expense sharing partner.

Each year we help many associates take the first steps towards being a principal, and we hold our clients’ hands through the whole process.

The help that we give includes:-

  • Advising associates about the best places to look for practices on the market
  • Evaluating practices and providing straightforward and timely advice about the value of any practice that an associate might be looking at
  • Reviewing target practice accounts and advising on matters that require further investigation or explanation
  • Providing a full written valuation if necessary
  • Introducing clients to solicitors who experienced in dealing with the purchase of dental practices
  • Introducing clients to banks who have specialist health care managers who understand the dental market and who can provide loans for practice purchases
  • Advising on how to negotiate the best price for a practice
  • Dealing with the negotiations for the purchase of a practice if necessary
  • Advising on the retention or the redundancy of existing practice staff
  • Advising about payroll arrangements
  • Advising about bookkeeping systems to be used once the practice has been purchased
  • Advising about tax planning to ensure that the deal is done in the most tax efficient way

Dental Finance

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