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Specialist Dental Accountants

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Meet The Team

Every year or so we try to include a new "team photo" so that readers can spot the extra grey hairs and wrinkles!

Our photo was taken in part of our office in Cheshire Oaks Business Park. Some of the faces (especially those at the back!) are a little difficult to identify, but just in case you are interested, from left to right we have. . . .

Susanne Davies, Gavin Mogan, Allan Jones, Ray Castle, Stuart Gosling, Mike Binns, Chris Shaw, Brendan Coburn, Jane Paul, Ian Parsonage, Sara Parrott, Nick Ledingham, Sarah Evans, David Day, Anna Morrell, Tom Slevin, Mary Flood, Sam Evans, Julie Robson, Linda Orborn, Alex Nye, Steve Wilkes, Bob Cummings, Lou Barker, Mari Walton, Ros McDermott, Lorraine Dudley, Helen Wilson and Ryan Beacall.


More Photos

The photos below are some older team photos from our newsletter taken over the last few years. Hopefully we havent all changed too much !


Our photo this time was taken during another “familiarisation visit” to one of our client’s practices. We are most grateful to Chris Illingworth of the Vicar’s Cross Dental Practice for allowing us to come along to his busy, beautifully equipped, and recently expanded practice, and to Vijay Aggarwal, one of his associates for giving everybody a very informative guided tour of his surgery and equipment.


For the photo this year we thought we would wander out of the front door of our offices in Chester down the road to the River Dee.  First of all we tried a photo with us all in a bandstand, but that didn’t work so instead here we are with the photo being taken from the bandstand with the bridge (easily recognisable for those of you that watch “Hollyoaks”!) and the river in the background.


Busy at work preparing accounts for our dental clients in our Dental
Accounts Department in Chester.

Dental Finance

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