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Specialist Dental Accountants


Specialist Dental AccountantsChartered Accountants

Morris & Co
Specialist Dental Accountants

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Morris & Co is a firm of Chartered Accountants which has for many years specialised in acting for dentists. We are members of and regulated by the the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)

The people at Morris & Co who prepare the accounts for our dental clients deal with dentists and only dentists, which means that they have come across pretty much every question that a dentist is likely to ask relating to their tax and accountancy affairs. They know the difference between an OPG, and a UDA. They don’t think that loupes are something to do with string and they don’t think an intra oral camera is something you take on holiday with you!

Plenty of other accountants who are ‘new on the block’ will claim to specialise in acting for dentists as an attempt to get new work.  You can take comfort in the knowledge that Morris & Co have been specialising in acting for dentists for more than 25 years and indeed we like to think that we invented the term ‘specialist dental accountants’.

We act for a complete range of dentists and clients within the dental profession including associates, principals, partnerships, expense sharing partnerships, incorporated practices, self employed hygienists, mini corporates, employed dentists, consultants, specialists (including orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, and periodontists), Consultants in Dental Public Health, Dental Advisors, Post Graduate Dental Deans and dental academics.

Whilst we are based in the North West, we act for dentists all over the country, communicating with clients by email, phone, post, face to face meetings, or texts – whatever each individual client prefers.

Because all the team does is look after dentists, we have become immersed in the tax, accounting, and business side of the dental profession. There are very few questions that dentists ask us that we can not provide the answers to straight away.

We treat all clients as individuals. Advising a newly qualified associate about tax relief on motor expenses is just as important to them and us, as the help and assistance that we give to a principal/practice owner thinking of purchasing another practice.

We act for a large number of clients from overseas, and we are very happy to hold their hands and guide them through the intricacies and vagaries of the UK tax system.

New clients come to us from all different directions, but a very large number come to us as a result of being recommended by their dental friends, so presumably we must be doing something right!

We are passionate about dentist’s tax and accounts – really!!!

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Tel: 0151 348 8400
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If it is easier for you to talk in the evening, then we are more than happy to return a call to you in the early evening outside the pressures of patients, staff matters and other distractions