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Should you be wary of Dentacoin?

16 Jan 18

With more and more dental professionals (and accountants

Parent's encouraged to reduce their children's sugar intake

03 Jan 18

More than 50 per cent of children’s sugar intake comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks, Public Health England says.

What is Dentacoin?

20 Dec 17

Dentacoin is a cryptocurrency targeted specifically at the dental industry.

Should dentists be responsible for providing healthy-eating tips and advice on alcohol intake during check ups?

14 Nov 17

A report published in the Telegraph by the Nuffield Trush and the Health Foundation, suggested that dentists should give patients advice about eating more healthily and cutting down on alcohol, w

Will dentistry notice the Interest rate rise?

09 Nov 17

The rise in interest rate from 0.25% to 0.5% was the first increase in over 10 years, and actually reverses the quarter point cut of 2016 made following the Brexit decision.


24 Oct 17

We had a very enjoyable time at the BDIA Dental Showcase in Birmingham's NEC. 

Robot completes unassisted dental operation

03 Oct 17

A robot has carried out a dental operation without any help from humans for the first time, after completing implant surgery on a patient. Although medical staff were present during the one-ho

Can Augmented Reality improve dentistry?

13 Sep 17

For someone getting major dental work or reconstructive surgery, it can be hard to visualize what they’ll look like afterwards.

Mobile devices could pose a security risk in the dental practice

01 Sep 17

If you’re reading this blog, we hope it’s not a phone on which clinical photos are stored!